History, Politics & Current Affairs

Politics Is …  

(Dorling Kindersley, 2020)

Land Girls and their Impact

Remember When, Pen & Sword, 2008

Women Wartime Spies

Remember When, Pen & Sword, 2011

Egyptian Myth

Marshall Editions, 2008

Many Rivers To Cross

A History of the Caribbean Contribution to the NHS

HMSO, 2006

Human Rights: Who Decides?

Harcourt Global Library, 2006

Nelson Mandela

National Geographic/Marshall Editions, 2005

Great Britons: Artists

Great Britons: Campaigners for Change

(Franklin Watts, 2007)

The Home Front

(Franklin Watts, 2005)

Nelson Mandela: from political prisoner to president

(Franklin Watts, 2003)

Black Peoples of America

(Franklin Watts, 2002)

The Illustrated History of the 19th Century

The Illustrated History of the 20th Century

(Grange Books, 2000)

Two Thousand Years

(companion to TV series) Granada 1999



(Dorling Kindersley, 1998)

Junior Chronicle of the 20th Century

(Dorling Kindersley, 1997)


Factbook of History

(Larousse, 1993)

Kingfisher Historical Atlas: Trade and Religion

Kingfisher Historical Atlas: Exploration and Empire

Kingfisher Historical Atlas: Revolution & Technology

(Kingfisher, 1990)


Let’s Discuss Homelessness

(Hodder Wayland, 1989)

The Gaia Peace Atlas

(Pan Books, 1988)

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Quest for the Past

(Readers Digest, 1984)

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