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What reviewers said about Land Girls and their Impact

“Ann Kramer’s diligent and interesting account.” Your Family Tree

“Kramer has drawn on her own oral history research with some twenty women...Her use of extracts from their recollections makes for a lively read” Oral History

“Ann Kramer presents an uplifting account of an organisation that is sometimes called the ‘forgotten army’” Bookshelf

Sydney Taylor Book Award: Anne Frank

In 1908 the Jewish Library of America awarded my book

Anne Frank, ‘notable book for older readers’

Television appearances: The Fastest Girl on Earth

When I was writing my book Sussex Women, I stumbled across pioneering motorist: Dorothy Levitt, once dubbed ‘the fastest girl on earth’ for creating the woman’s world speed record - in 1906! This led to TV appearances on: 

• The One Show, filmed in Bexhill, where Dorothy took second place in speed trials in 1905

  1. The Fastest Girl on Earth: a reconstruction of Dorothy’s long-distance drive from London-Liverpool, starring Penelope Keith

  2. The Petrol Age: filmed at Beaulieu Motor Museum, where I had the joyful experience of being driven in a 1904 De Dion Bouton, Dorothy’s favourite car

I am currently writing a book about this pioneering woman


  1. history adviser for BBC drama series Land Girls

  2. history consultant for a docu-drama on the Women’s

  3. Land Army produced by film company Sound Archives


Conscientious Objectors of the Second World War: Refusing to Kill (Pen and Sword 2013) tells the previously unknown stories of remarkable men and women who refused to pick up arms during the Second World War.


Published by Pen & Sword (Nov 2014) to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War,  Conscientious Objectors of the First World War: A Determined Resistance describes the courageous men who refused to fight, the brutality they experienced, and explores their legacy to the present day.