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I have written on various subjects: social history, politics, current affairs and health but tend to focus on women’s social history.   My books include a world history of women from earliest times to the present day; biographies of Anne Frank and Eleanor of Aquitaine; and accounts of women’s experiences during the two world wars. Wherever possible, I try to include first-hand accounts in my writing, information told to me by women who actually took part in the events I am writing about.  As well as books on women’s history, I co-authored a successful book on running for women and produced a ground-breaking book on women’s health, Women’s Body: An Owner’s Manual.

I have written for many publishers including Pen & Sword, Dorling Kindersley, Franklin Watts, Marshall Editions (for National Geographic) and Diagram Visual Information (for Facts on File).

My recent books include Women Wartime Spies, an exploration of women’s experiences as spies or in the secret service during the two world wars Land Girls and their Impact, and Sussex Women, which contains lively biographies of 30 good, great, and not-so-great women linked to Sussex; a 5-book series on ‘taking part’ in the Second World War; and a classroom discussion book on Human Rights. I have recently completed a book on WW2 conscientious objectors, which will be published in May 2013 and am currently writing about the trailblazing conscientious objectors of the First World War.

Having acquired some considerable knowledge about the Women’s Land Army I have appeared in a Remembrance Day programme talking about them and as history consultant for the BBC drama Land Girls. I have also appeared on the ‘One Show’ and Penelope Keith’s ‘Fast Lady’ programme talking about Dorothy Levitt, pioneer woman motorist who is included in my book Sussex Women.

In 2008 the Association of Jewish Libraries in America named my biography of Anne Frank a ‘notable book for older readers.’

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